If there’s a more powerful cultural force in history than the Internet, we don’t know about it. It’s in everything, in front of everyone, and if you’re not on it, you’re standing still. Our web services give you the edge you need in the digital market. Because, when it comes to being online, it’s less a question of “if” you should, but “how”. And believe us when we say, we’ve got the “how” taken care of.

Landing Page Design

Your website is a digital extension of your brand. You need to put your best foot forward. Your landing page is the first thing a user sees when they click through to your site. It has to be arresting, dynamic, and immediately functional. Don’t worry, though - we eat good landing page design for breakfast.

Website Design

Lao Tzu famously said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. If your online journey has a first step, it’s a good-looking website. Our team is on the ready to create gorgeous, hand-crafted websites that match your corporate style guide, and give your clients something nice to use. Look your best, with a little help from Web Daytona.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices have added a whole new dimension to Internet usage in recent years. A website worth its salt needs to be viewable on a desktop screen, smartphone, half-sized window and possibly even a smart watch. Site layouts should “work” at any size, and out responsive web design ensures that they do.

Content Management

Business websites are complex creatures. You need a reliable content management system in place if you’re going to be consistently collecting data or publishing information that needs to be accurately represented. User files, reports, and ecommerce data all falls under this category. Take your data and content management seriously, with services from Web Daytona.

Web Development

Web design takes care of the style of your website, making it look great. Web development, on the other hand, concerns the functionality of the site itself. Links, pictures, videos, and site architecture all affect the user experience of your site. The better it works, the more likely it is people will keep using it. Ask us about putting together a site with functionality to match its great style.

Website Management

You wouldn’t open a store in a mall, furnish it, put all your products out on the shelves, get staffers, leave and never come back to check up on it. Even with every precaution in place, things are bound to go wrong. It’s the same with a website. If users arrive at your landing page to find a 401 error or, God forbid, a hacked message from some unknown group, they’re not likely to come back.