At Web Daytona, we create professional, commercial videos for use in our clients’ marketing.
Working with a range of platforms, and to large and small project outlines, there’s no video
production that’s beyond our reach.
Whether you’re looking for aerial photography and 360° videos, testimonials, or short, well-
produced adverts, our production team is ready to take your breath away.

Aerial Video Production

There are few things more captivating than a gorgeous overhead shot of a landscape, building,
or scene. This is why aerial photography has become one of the better industries for
photographers - the final product is just so hard hitting.
Luckily for you, Web Daytona’s onsite aerial video production facilities are at the ready to
produce just those impressive, sweeping overhead shots you’re looking for.

Google 360°

Google’s mapping services have been in the center of their very own limelight for many years,
and the 360° tour is part of this service. A great way to showcase your business, these videos
make use of 360° cameras to create comprehensive, visually stunning renderings of your office,
building, and workspaces.
Don’t waste all that great decor by never inviting anybody in to see it. Discover Google 360°
tours, with Web Daytona.

Social Media Video

Social networks are central to every major successful marketing campaign in modern business.
With the gigantic number of people using these platforms more than they watch TV or listen to
the radio, to not market on them is to miss out.
Create social media videos to run on timelines, ads that take advantage of paid marketing
space, and videos that take over the trends, with Web Daytona.

Corporate Video

Of course, not every video has to be viral to be effective. For most businesses, clear, well-
produced videos that are informative and engaging are much more valuable. We understand
you - working with your corporate tones, colors and design elements, our expert video team is
fully equipped to create something that speaks to your brand.


Of course, just shooting a video isn’t all there is to producing one. Once the filming has wrapped,
you’ll need sound engineering, video work, branding, and quality control carried out to create
something that actually looks professional. And, believe us, when it comes to video quality, it’s
not worth it to create something that doesn’t stand out.