A social media presence used to be something you could take or leave. In today’s age, that couldn’t be further from the case. If you aren’t online, present and interacting with your users, you’re missing out on a huge potential marketing stream.

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Social Media Strategy

The most important part of any journey is knowing where you want to go.

Wading deep into the waters of your social media campaign without a solid plan for your destination is a recipe for failure. Create a social strategy that outlines your posting schedule, your style guide, ad schedule, and how and when to respond to fans and detractors.

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Social Media Marketing

One of the most electrifying developments in marketing in the 21st century, social media marketing uses social platforms and websites to promote your brand. With 2.80 billion global social media users in 2017, it’s hard to argue with the numbers here.

Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are growing in size, and only look set to grow further in the near future. The social media train is leaving the station - are you on board?

Social Media Advertising

Get your advertising inline and monetize your social media presence for better returns.

Depending on the platform, adverts on social networks will be geared towards specific users and groups, giving your message targeted reach. If you know how to use these systems properly, this is some of the most effective advertising you’re likely to find anywhere.

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Social Media Monitoring

Also known as social media measurement, this is an invaluable service, designed to help brands gauge their efficacy with social media users. Metrics gathered from social platforms over specific periods of time show off everything from geographical spread to bounce and click rates, helping you to refine your marketing and get more out of the social experience.

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