A corporate brand is, in many ways, the face of your company.

You can throw it together and hope people react to it favourably, but you’re much better off putting some preparation into your overall appearance. Whether that be with a better logo, streamlined design elements, or adopting a new, better business tone, your clients will judge you based on your brand.

Make sure their first impressions last, with branding services from Web Daytona.


What makes a truly great business logo? Is it the color scheme, or the rounded edges? Is it in keeping up with industry trends, so you don’t fall behind your competitors? Maybe there’s some secret golden ratio of scalable vector designs and psychologically appealing tones and textures.

The truth is, it’s all of the above, and so much more. Don’t get left behind - get better logo designs, with Web Daytona.

Brand Identity

In life, as in business, the way you carry yourself has a huge impact on how people respond to you. Also known as corporate image, a brand identity is the way in which your business or product hits the eyes and ears of the public. Whether you’re opting for young and ironic or professional and highly informative, good marketing makes your business look a certain way, so that people associate you with a specific character. What does your brand look like?

Brand Management

In marketing, your target market is the most important player in the performance of your brand. You’ve got to know how they feel about you, and what you’re going to do about that perception. Brand management analyses your strengths and weaknesses, and makes developing a good relationship with your target market a priority.